Do you…

✓ Invest in the US stock market?
✓ Find looking for, and download annual report a chore?
✓ Spend hours on yahoo finance clicking links for financial statement
✓ Use a window based computer and have microsoft Excel installed?

Our program is perfect for you then! EDGAR by FSC downloads multi-year financial data for the US stock market directly into a folder.

The best part? It’s 100% free.

It’s our mission here at FSC to build a community by investors for investor. Through interaction with our telegram community, we’ve come to realised many investors depend on aggregator sites (yahoo finance, MSN money) to do their research especially for US listed companies.

And the most common reason? It’s too troublesome.

As scorecard developers, we have to ensure our data is timely, accurate and most importantly, detailed enough to find pockets of opportunity.

And we should know better – for Balance Sheet alone, we have over 1000 different tags and 80 summarized categories. The average aggregator has 8-12 data points.

And it is for this reason we decided to published a tool for our community. Introducing:

With EDGAR by FSC, you will be able to download multi-year financial data in excel format with a click of a button.


  • Windows 7/8/10 with excel 2010 or higher installed


  1. Click on the button above
  2. Enter your email for us to send you a download link
  3. Download the zip file and extract it onto desktop or local directory
  4. Open the .xlsm file, enable macro.
  5. Enter stock code and click download.
  6. Any available excel financial statement will be downloaded into data directory in the same folder.

Need further assistance? Find us on telegram.

More pictures:

Main user interface
Download time estimation
Status update bar
Downloaded files
Financial statements with detailed breakdown of all components – more than 70 pages