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You’ve probably landed on this page because you were interested in investing, fundamental analysis or from scanning the QR code on our name card.

The funny thing about investment is that you don’t have to be making money all the time. In fact, all you have to do to be better than average is to earn a little more when market is up, and lose a little less when market is down. And that’s what we aim to do here at Fundamental Scorecard.

Fundamental Scorecard is a powerful tool that allows you to pick good stocks by simplifying fundamental analysis.

The 3 biggest cause of investors losing money are emotions, a lack of research and incorrect knowledge. By reducing fundamental criteria into a scorecard format, we aim to give an edge to everyday investor from 3 aspect:


1. Removal of emotions

Emotions, or sentiments, is one of the main cause of fluctuations in the market. While the fluctuations helps us to buy good companies at a low price, we as humans are also affected by it. Cognitive biases such as anchoring effect and bandwagon effect often negatively affects our performance.

Having a method to access the situation helps you stay grounded, preventing you from buying at high price or selling when prices drop.

2. Selection of value

History has proven that great companies, or undervalued companies, have the greatest potential to make you money. Our scorecard helps to select better than average companies, and make sure users maintain focus on their selection even during a bull market.

For people who do little or no research, scorecard warns them against companies that are below average.

For people who do intensive research and consider all sides, scorecard saves them time and identify crucial information that they may have missed out.

3. Criteria of successful investors

Scorecards are designed and created by experienced investors. They may even be a combination of criteria from various well known investors, such as Net-Net from Benjamin graham or defensive moat from Warren Buffett. By tapping on those who have achieve success, investors are able to stay on path and reduce school fees paid to the market.

If you are looking to be the next Warren Buffett, you are in the wrong place. But if you want to have a chance to be a millionaire, we believe the power of investing correctly and compound interest is essential, and fundamental scorecard, indispensable.


An edge to average, everyday investors.

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